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Writers Block

This morning I faced the computer screen and all I could see was the vague outline of my own reflection staring back at me. Not a single word sprang to mind, no witty opening lines, inspired paragraphs or sarcasm loaded comments. I have been here before and like most writers, I have developed a tool bag of techniques to help me jump this inevitable hurdle – but today none of them seemed to work. The blank page remained, the intermittent flash of the expectant cursor invited me to throw my thoughts at it, but all I could do was stare at the screen with a dumb look on my face.

So what to do?

This is where this blog comes in. It is said that talking a problem through can help you realise whats causing the issue and help remove the blocks. As I am writing this I am starting to realise that my problem lies in the time that I am devoting to the craft of writing. Quite simply, I am not writing enough! For me, writing is like the flow of water from a crack in a dam – the more I write, the larger the crack gets and before you know it my mind is like a free flowing river with words, ideas, scenes and detailed scene descriptions flowing threw my fingers to the keyboard (I only wish I could type as fast as I think).

My ‘advice’ when faced writers block, is to find something else to write about. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as you are putting pen to paper. Look out of the window and describe the scene as if you are looking at it for the first time. Describe the colours, the sky, the smells, the looks on people’s faces – write about everything you see – then after a while go back to your novel and see if the magic starts again :)

And if all else fails, re-read this post and point out all of my grammatical errors – no prizes for finding them though – this is my blog and I write freely without the watchful eye of an editor.

Stephen Welby

It’s all there, inside my head…

I have written many blogs, filled them up, got bored… deleted them. So what’s the difference this time you ask? Well this time I am blogging about something that actually means something to me. Like most folk, I have lived a life of constant reinvention, never quite knowing what it is I want to do with my life – or who I want to be. I still don’t know who I am, but I certainly have a closet full of people that I know I don’t want to be! Now is not the time for me to go into detail about those former lives, although they may rear their heads throughout my writing. And why not?

They say a good writer draws upon their own experiences. That always makes me laugh. I have written stories of journeys into deep space and adventures in lands of pure fantasy but I have never actually physically experienced them. They all exist between my ears in a very dark confused place that is plagued with constant tinnitus. Visiting the space between my ears is my own personal vacation. I like traveling there and I visit often. Lots to do and lots to see. No ques to take a ride and certainly no price to pay except for time, but I think that time spent in your own company is time well spent!

I am writer, I have written, I write now, and I will write again….

Wherever my journey through life takes me, I will take my writing with me. I’m stuck with the sea of nonsense that swishes around inside my head, so it’s time I poured some of it into yours. Expect a new book soon…

Stephen Welby

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