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Why is Marketing THE essential part of any business?

Every growing business uses marketing methods to get their message out to prospective clients. Without marketing, who would know about your brand, products or services? As much a marketing is a like a big box of promotional tools and strategies, it is also a mindset. To succeed, everyone involved in your business must buy into your philosophy. No matter what you make, sell or distribute – if you and your staff are not following the same mindset, you are only making it harder for yourself.

stephenwelbyMy name is Stephen Welby and I have been involved in marketing, in one form or another, for most of my working life. I specialise in working with small businesses, new start-ups, one man bands and owners who are looking to introduce simple, but effective changes to the way they present, promote and grow their company. Many of the marketing methods I offer may already be in use by you, but it is important that all company owners learn to keep up to date with new trends and techniques to keep their business alive.

As small business owners… and I am one too, we cannot afford to let opportunities to slip by. We must ensure that we are the first port of call for any potential clients in our fields. We must be the first company they find when they go searching. Through informed use of marketing methods and strategies, we can give ourselves the edge over our competition.

Over the years I have dealt with many small businesses who believed that affording a marketing budget was just something out of their reach. They needed the time and money to invest in machinery, tools and staff. Whilst these are all essential to running a business, they are not going to be needed if you have no clients… so make time for marketing. Become the known expert in your business field and use the tools, tips and strategies that marketing offers to make your small business a financial success !