Why do you need a coach?

When life gets hard, having someone to talk to can really help get things back on track. A good Life Coach can help you re-organise your thinking and help you set realistic achievable goals. Whatever brought you here; weight loss, career change, setting goals, self confidence… coaching can help bring you results.

stephenwelbyimgMy name is Stephen Welby and I have been ‘coaching’ people, in one form or another, for over 25 years. There is nothing mystical or ‘new age’ about Life Coaching – it has been around for a very long time. Most successful people have taken advantage of coaching along the way. My job is to help you make better use of the abilities you already have. Using coaching skills, I will work with you to unblock the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Unlike a conventional counselor or psychotherapist, my job is not to delve into your past or unlock your childhood – but rather to work with you to find workable solutions to whatever is holding you back from enjoying the life you truly desire. You will make and see changes from our very first meeting. Everything we discuss will be private and confidential.

We all have dreams and wants in life, but sometimes struggle to take the first steps towards making them become a reality. My job is to help clear away the clutter in your thinking – allowing you to focus on whats important. The process can be enjoyable and very informative as you learn to understand and make use of your own strengths and knowledge. You will leave the process with a ‘blueprint’ to follow – one that you created (with my help). You will be accountable for your own success – I will have simply helped you along the way.

I look forward to meeting you!

Stephen Welby
Business & Life Coach

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